15 Best Exotic Pets for Apartment Living – Learning video

Best Exotic Pets for Apartment Living

Because many exotic pets a quite compact and really don’t require outside space, they can be a great choice for apartment leaving. Nevertheless, you can always check your house owner so tenant agreement to find out what kind of pets are allowed before you go shopping for an exotic pets for your apartment.

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Since most exotic pets are both quiet and small, they can make great pets for apartments. While you should check your homeowner/tenant agreement to ensure pets are allowed, compact animals like these can usually be made into an exception. If you can, get your permission in writing, and once you’re clear to pick your exotic pet, you need to decide what you need in a pet and if you have the right space for them.

Once you have been given permission to get a pet you need to figure out what exactly you need in an exotic pet and what kind of space is available to you.

Exotic Pets to Avoid
Exotic pets can be beautiful, unique, and some can be trained to do tricks, talk, or retrieve items for you. Generally, pets that require a large enclosure and outside-of-cage time like parrots need a space more extensive than a small apartment for free-flying. Some birds like macaws and Amazons are too loud, known for disrupting the neighbors.

Monkeys are exciting, but a significant downside is they need a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. Primates often fulfill their enrichment requirements by destroying property or wreaking havoc in your house. Similarly, pets like pot-bellied pigs might be naturally inclined to burrow and damage a rental property. Aquatic turtles may be OK to keep in an apartment as babies, but they can grow very large and may require a tank that is at least 120 gallons, which can be a drain on space.
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    I used to let my tarantula walk around my arms all the time and it gave me quite annoying allergies due to it’s hairs

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    Bearded dragons need at least a 75 gallon tank if not a 120 ……

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    I didn’t see anything about foxes

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    Awesome video! Very informative! Hope to see more in the future!

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    You generalised reptiles but gave mice and hamsters there own section

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    Exotic pet= exotic price

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    Hamaester seems inexpensive but they are too expensive

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    all hamsters are solitary animals

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    Next time please try learning grammar and vocabulary, your incorrect sentences make me uncomfortable. -_-

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    GUINEA PIG INFO, READ BEFORE GETTING A GUINEA PIG:~ Guinea pigs should have a minimum of 3 sq feet in their cage, make it bigfer if u can, guinea a guinea pigs food consists of A LOT of vegatables and pellets, not a lot of fruits bc fruits are very sugary and sweet, most guinea pigs (not all) need: Bell peppers (doesnt really matter what color), lettuce, hay, tamatoes, zucini, fennel, pumpkin, eggplant, kale, yam, etc. When buying a guinea pig you MUST get at LEAST 2 i suggest 3 or 4 if you dont have that much space with with 4 guinea pigs i reccomend a cage size of 5 sq feet. Guinea pigs are herd animals so they CANNOT be alone, if u only baught 1 guinea pig for some stupid reason, it needs to be with you 24/7 even then its still not okay to get just 1 guinea pig. 2 is fine but make sure you have the time for both kf them and the space, once again i will say 2 guinea pigs require a cage size of at least 2.5 sq feet. NO SMALLER guinea pigs need hay at all times, and should only be fed pellets and vegies 2-3 times a day if you are feeding them enough. It is also very important that guinea pigs get outnof cage time and be sure to feed them treats. It is deffinatly possible to train your guinea pigs, i suggest 1 treat at a time.(good treats should not be anything in their regular diets.) 《DONNOT BUY A CAGE FROM THE PETSTORE》 if u have more then 7 guinea pigs u need at least 8 sq feet of space for them once again please do NOT buy a cage from the petstore, i very much reccomend a DIY cage, or a CC cage. Im going to now state the most important thing yet- DO NOT BUY A GUINEA PIG FROM TH E PETSTORE, ADOPT A GUINEA PIG!!!~ It is SO important not to buy a cage, most treats and the guinea pig itself from a petstore, no matter how nice the petstore looks. And for the safety of your guinea pig i suggest getting your guinea pig neutered/fixed/spayed, deffinatly make sure that if you are buying a guinea pig, or any animal that it is neutered or spayed, if you dont want health problems or babies. If you DO want your pet to have babies, then go to a vet near you and make sure that your pet will be safe not being spayed/neutered. Because for some pets it is cery dangerouse not spaying or neutering your pet. There is so much more to say but idk if anyone ever made it this far. Make sure to do your own research before getting a guinea pig guys. Have a Merry Christmas and a nice week/weekend! BE PREPARED FOR YOUR PETS

  15. Alina MK on July 17, 2021 at 1:45 am

    Whaaaaaaaaat!!!!???? Hamsters need a HUGE space!!!!!! Are u kidding!!!! And those wheels#§€@+§%&!!!!!! Maybe u should research before u make those videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😭😢😰😨😱

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    Hermitcrabs more like hermit craft

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    “Exotic pets” these are generations away from their wild ancestors so basically, they aren’t exotic.

  18. Meg The Egg on July 17, 2021 at 1:48 am

    I really want a small animal like a guinea pig or a mouse it hamster I haven’t asked my parents yet but I am too scared to ask

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  20. Mackenzie Johnston on July 17, 2021 at 1:53 am

    Hamsters do actually need a large cage. 450 sq in is the minimum in the US.

  21. DragonEmber on July 17, 2021 at 1:53 am

    Your info about the hamster is very muchly wrong, it doesnt matter what type of hamster you have its recommended to keep them alone, no roomate! And hamsters do need big cages, they get stressed easily when you give them a small cage, some are ok with it but most of them arent

  22. Julia Allade on July 17, 2021 at 1:54 am

    This video was pretty good but I noticed some important information was left out about some of these animals so I’m putting it in this comment. First I’d like to say, please do your own research before getting any pets. And second, make sure there’s a vet near you that will take exotic pets. This is soooo important if you want your pet to have a happy, healthy, and long life. Some vets WILL NOT take exotics and CANNOT treat them.

    1) you can keep two female dwarf hamsters in the same enclosure l, but two males will fight and kill each other as they get older. Even brothers.
    2) Hamsters are not as low maintenance as you think and need a lot more space than most would expect for such a small animal. The minimum for most hamsters is 12 inches (one foot) by 24 inches (two feet) and they need to be a foot tall. If you can, you should get a bigger cage because that is the absolute MINIMUM.

    1) The size of cage mentioned in this video is correct however rats need multiple levels to explore to keep them happy and comfortable. Also the wire spacing is very important so your rats can’t squeeze through the bars. Aim for 1-2 inches and no less for adult rats.
    2) Rats are SUPER social animals and for the best quality of life three or more rats should be housed together. Of course, they’ll all have to be the same sex and unlike hamsters the males will do great together.

    1) reptiles come in all different sizes so make sure to do your research about what type of reptile will be best for apartment life.
    2) most reptiles will need to have their humidity and temperatures controlled and very precise.
    3) if you decide to get a snake you will most likely need to feed them other animals (rodents mostly). If you are not comfortable feeding them rats or mice, snakes are not for you. If you do get a snake make sure you try to feed them outside of their main enclosure and feed frozen rodents to avoid aggression.

    1) I don’t know much about rabbits but this explanation was really good. But to clarify, you will need to get your rabbit a friend unless they get aggressive towards other rabbits. Rabbits need space and time to hop around and stretch their long legs.

    Frogs: again I don’t know much about frogs but make frogs will make lots of noise at times so make sure your neighbors can’t here it through the walls.

    1) Ferrets can be kept alone if you are work from home and will be able to give them hours of playtime but if not, two or more is the best choice to keep your ferret happy.
    2) ferrets require raw meat diets so it can get a bit expensive for some. Before you adopt a ferret please make sure you can afford their diet.

    I know nothing about spiders and the mice explanation was almost perfect so we’re skipping those. Also skipping gerbils because they’re almost the exact same as mice and hamsters.

    Hermit crabs:
    1) As they grow bigger you will need to provide them with bigger shells to attach themselves to. If they are without a shell for too long it could result in their death.

    1) I actually have one of these little guys and I can tell you, if you want a very cuddly pet this is not for you. They are spiky obviously. They are also very cowardice and will need a lot of bonding time to become familiar with you.
    2) when you first adopt them it is best to leave them be for a few days, three should be fine. Also they will salivate onto their quills, but nobody really knows why they do it. They also might bite when they first meet you, they are not aggressive they just have very bad eye sight and bite things to explore.

    I don’t even know what a degus is so I really can’t tell you anything about them.

    Sugar gliders:
    1) they are very social and will self harm and try to kill themselves if they don’t get enough attention.
    2) they throw poop, so that’s definitely something to think about. If you decide to keep them, don’t keep them in your room because they will mess it up.
    3) they’re diet is almost only made up of fruit so it can get expensive.

    Guinea pigs:
    1) they are actually very loud at night. They make these squeaky sounds to communicate with each other.
    2) they also require a diet that consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables so it might get expensive.

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    The sugar gliders are cute we had one in our ReptiFamily but we moved to to scaled animals lol

  28. lilimmx on July 17, 2021 at 2:01 am

    Mice do need a big cage becose they are super active animals and male mice need to be housed alone if they aren’t neutered becose they can fight to the death and they do need time outside the cage but i recommend a playpen becose they can’t really escape from a safe playpen

    Gerbils do need a really big cage and a loooooooot of bedding minimum 9-10 inches but 12 inches recommended and time outside of there cage/tank

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    I would like to correct one thing in this video that hamsters are small rodents but they require a big cage of at least 450 inches floor space or they can get very stressed. I would definitely suggest to watch Victoria’s channel if you are thinking to get a hamster.

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    Guinea pigs are not Really exotic thear more like normal pets

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    The info about Hamsters was extremely wrong, hamsters need large cages, and need a lot of time out of the cage no matter the size

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    for hedgehogs, please get an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 5 sq feet. theyre super active when awake and need tons of room. they also require live insects daily, a temp of 73-81f and tons more. with the sonic movie that came out the demand for hedgehogs has gone up, but very little people actually care for them correctly. as with any pet, please take your time to do research.

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    Hermit crab I catch it more than 90+ and am so sad now I know if I do this they can be endangered

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    My cousin has a pet ferret, it’s really cute and I really want one.

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