Animals That Play Dead To Escape Predators

Some animals are extremely intelligent, and they also have better acting talents than most
humans. Have you ever seen a mouse play dead in front of a cat? What about an opossum? If you
want to see some of the best acting talents in the animal world, get those contracts ready and keep
watching, as we look at animals that play dead to escape predators.

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This is the smartest little mouse I have ever seen and the funniest as well. Watch how this mouse
plays dead when this cat finds it. The cat loses interest when it thinks the mouse is dead. As soon
as the catwalks away. The mouse lifts its head to see if the cat is still there, and it immediately
goes back to playing dead because the cat has not left the premises. This is hilarious. The video
is cut short, but I honestly hope this smart mouse was able to escape in the end. It totally
deserved to. This little rat looks like he’s playing dead, but I think he’s more hypnotized than anything else. The constant caresses and petting he’s receiving from his handler make him go into a deep trance that makes him look like he’s playing dead. I’m not sure if this mouse is a method actor or if he graduated from one of Stella Adler’s acting classes, but he’s pulling performance of a lifetime in front of this dog.

First, he’s dead, then he’s not, then he goes into a seizure. I mean, what is up with this little guy? Give this guy an academy award. Domestic cats that are well fed, don’t usually eat mice when they find them. They usually play with them by tapping them over the head, which can eventually kill a small rodent. Hence, this guy decides to play dead, so the cat doesn’t damage his body too much. The cat is unsure of what to do as he gently taps on the mouse. Eventually, the mouse takes it to the cat and decides to go on the offensive. The cat looks bored and not overly concerned with the mouse at this point.


This pigeon looks like it’s in a bad place with this cat standing over it, trying to figure out how to
eat it. But if you look closely, you’ll see the pigeon blinking, confirming he’s still alive. The
pigeon is waiting for an opportune time to escape and when the cat doesn’t pay attention, that’s
exactly what happens.

The pigeon takes off and once he’s in full flight, even though the cat
chases him, there’s no way he’s going to catch him. Now, here’s a pigeon that’s really playing dead. This pigeon is completely immobilized and looks dead, but he’s not, because you can see him take off, if you didn’t blink, that is.

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