CAUGHT On Security Camera! Mailman Hides Aliens In Tannerites House From Kids!

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Tannerites kids were playing Drone Home when the mailman came to deliver a package and was so excited to see the game. Mom said the kids had to take out the garbage before they could play any longer and when they went to take care of it, the Mailman took all of the aliens from the game and hid them throughout the house. The kids came back to find the aliens gone and found the phone to get footage from the security cameras and found out where the Mailman hid the aliens!

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Tannerites original Caught on Security Camera Mailman hides Aliens from kids in Tannerites House with Savannah Tannerites, Lizzy Tannerites, Az Tanerites, Canyon Tannerites, Branson Tannerites as Mailman, and Johnny (Dad) Tannerites producing and filming.

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