Chalet teaser 15s

Producer : Wahyu Rahman
Executive Producer : Izzat Yusoff & Jaq Sonata
Director : Adi Yadoni
Director of Photography : Shahrezza Zuhri
Editor : Razaisyam Rashid
Elements Pictures & BigTree Pictures

Starring: Fadhlur Rahman, Munah Bagharib, Izzat Yusoff, Imam Shah, Wahyu Rahman, Sheiryn Aisiqa, Norman Ishak, Mariana Yati, Farid Rashid. Wan Phunky, Hashimah Hamidon Penampilan khas: Destinasi Kebenaran (DK)

The 5 BOI brothers used to be a tightly knit family.However, their relationship became estranged when Boi Cuit furthers his culinary skills abroad and never return.
The eldest, Boi Besar is getting married and wants to introduce his wife-to-be Siska, to all his other brothers, Boi Champion, Boi Ketat and Baby Boi. He books a chalet and insists on Boi Cuit to be present too.
Upon seeing Siska’s peculiar antics and beauty practices, the four Boi Brothers suspect that she is not human. They embark on a mission with Baby Boi’s paranormal expertise to prove that Siska is a vampire.
Meanwhile, Boi Ketat’s new girlfriend, Wanee, whom he just met through Facebook comes to visit him at the chalet. Wanee, being fragile and weak willed becomes the first among the rest to be disturbed by the Chalet’s two resident Ghosts.
When Ah Kiang the tailong, comes looking for Boi Champion who has an overdue debt with him, things takes a turn and this leads to mayhem they have never imagined…

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