Consumer Review: Carlson Pet Yard and Convertible Super Wide Gate – Carlson Pet Yard and Convertible Super Wide Gate

Carlson Pet Yard and Convertible Super Wide Gatepet supplies – a peek into how we keep our pet supplies in order…

organızed pet supplıes – pet organization ıdeas and ınspiration. shopping for pet supplies + haul! ı had to go to a few pet stores to pick up a bunch of pet supplies so ı figured ı would bring you guys along with me and show you everything that ı bought!..
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ı get a lot of my small pet related supplies from amazon with such a large array and quick shopping ı rarely actually go to the pet store anymore. we went to the pet store to get guinea pig supplies! ın this video we show you our puppy supplies and how our mom organizes all of our things in her newly renovated garage! we used a plinko board to determine what everyones budget was to buy supplies (shelter and food) from the pet store to survive overnight.
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this is the part 2 of my shop with me for pet supplies video which you can watch in the link below!

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pet supplies you must buy on amazon.. 2 unboxıng the pet supplıes. ı hope you enjoyed watching this video of me shopping for pet supplies on amazon.

This was by far one of the greatest investments that I purchased safety wise for my little Codi. It’s well constructed and no assembly is required unless you purchase additional attachments.
She can’t climb out because the slats are slick and she can’t grip them. It’s not a eye sore like similar products and can placed in any room and not look out of place.
She was about one pound when I got her and I was concerned that she could squeeze between the slats but she couldn’t. I sometimes leave the door open and attach her crate to it so that she can rest comfortably.
The pet yard is large enough for me to place her 23 x 23 potty pad, food and water bowls as well as several toys for her. She’s now just over five pounds and it’s estimated that she will probably weigh about eight pounds as an adult.
With proper care, this pet yard should last for many years. It’s portable and I’ve taken outside while I’m doing yard work as well as to friends homes.
I’ve priced this item at several places and Amazon seems to have the best price. It also has an excellent warranty on it. When Codi is in it I know that she happy and safe.
This was the perfect area for my dog to recuperate from ACL surgery. I used it in the living room during the day, then crated him at night. He was separated from my puppy, yet still part of the family.
It is made very sturdy, so I didn’t attach it to anything. I did purchase two extra sections to make it a little bigger, but it would have been ok with the six pieces.
I put netting over the top to give my dog a false sense of confinement, so he wouldn’t try to jump up. It worked! Great buy!
This has really been a lifesaver! We have used this since we recieved it! We have 6 papillions & 1 was pregnant, she had 4 puppies! We blocked the others from mommy & then her & pups. We could tell that it put her at ease to have a boundary from other dogs!
If your pup needs to be on bed rest buy this!! My pup had to be on 8 weeks of rest after back surgery and could not tolerate a traditional crate. This was the perfect size and much less intimating for her.
It has made the past 6 weeks so much more bearable for her and for US! I love the door because it sits level with the floor so she didnt have to walk over anything a few inches high like many pens have.
I bought and returned a number of playpens when we first got our little Maltese. All of them were serviceable, but none were “just right”. Then I discovered the Carlson Pet Yard.
It is more expensive than others Id bought before, but its worth every penny. I bought mine a couple of years ago and its still in perfect shape, with us using it daily for our Maltese.
We also bought extensions so its a super nice size now and thats where our little doggie sleeps at night and stays during the day when were at work.This review is for a second set I just bought for our daughter and her husband.
They just got a little pomsky. They LOVE the Carlson Pet Yard for their little pomsky as we do for our Maltes…

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