Francisco Tarrega – Adelita (TARREGA'S 163RD BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE)

Classical guitar music is rightly associated with the country of Spain largely because the two composers who popularized the instrument were both Spanish, Sor and Aguado. After their deaths guitar music entered a period of neglect in the mid-nineteenth century. Its revival in the twentieth century is credited principally to another pair of Spaniards, composer Francisco Tárrega and virtuoso guitarist Andrés Segovia. Tárrega, a guitarist and pianist, transcribed many popular piano pieces for guitar, but also wrote a significant number of original works for the instrument, as well. Most are of a salon variety, this charming mazurka being a prime example.

It is light and immediately appealing in its Spanish flavors and slightly exotic, carefree spirit. The pacing throughout is relaxed, the mood nocturnal, and the music more than vaguely reminiscent of the intimate but lighter side of Chopin. Adelita opens with a simple theme of mostly descending contour, a catchy if almost too obvious creation. The second subject is a bit brighter, its shape arch-like and its music imparting a bit more of a playful sense. The main theme returns briefly to close out this delightful piece. Lasting less than a minute-and-a-half, guitar mavens and even some listeners partial to piano music will find this mazurka an attractive offering.


Please take note that the audio AND the sheet music ARE NOT min.e Change the quality to a minimum of 480p if the video is blurry.

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    Muito obrigado!

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