How to Hand Train a Bird

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You may not be able to get your parakeet to balance a ball on his beak, but every hook-billed species — from parakeets to cockatoos — can be trained to step onto your finger when you tell him to.

Step 1: Train only wing-clipped birds
Don’t try to take your bird out of his cage unless his wings have been clipped.

Step 2: Desensitize bird
To get your bird not to flip out when you put your hand into his cage, several times a day insert your hand into the cage and wave it slowly in the bird’s direction. Repeat this daily until the bird gets used to it.

Try holding a bird treat when you put your hand into the cage. Once you can get your bird to eat from your hand, you’re well on the way toward establishing ‘hand trust.’

Step 3: Hold perch or stick
For the next two weeks, insert your hand into the cage several times a day–but this time, hold a perch or stick in your hand. Your goal: getting the bird to step onto the perch.

Step 4: Trigger “step up” reflex with perch
When the bird gets used to the perch in your hand, start getting him to step onto it. Hold it at a right angle to the bird’s body and gently nudge him in the chest. This will trigger his ‘step up’ reflex.

Always say ‘Up, up’ or ‘Step up’ when you nudge the bird with the perch. Give him lots of praise when he steps onto it. He’s making progress!

Step 5: Replace perch with hand
When the bird is comfortable standing on a hand-held perch, you can start training him to stand on your hand alone. During each training session, move your hand farther down the perch — and closer to the bird.

Step 6: Discard perch
After a few days, your bird should assume that a perch comes with a hand attached–so now it’s time to up the ante once again. What’s next? That’s right: your hand without the perch.

Step 7: Trigger “step up” reflex with hand
Moving slowly and smoothly and repeating the ‘Up, up’ command, nudge the bird in the chest until he has no choice but to step onto your pointer finger to steady himself.

Step 8: Repeat
Repeat this procedure until the bird has no problem stepping onto your finger and perching there.

Step 9: Practice outside of cage
Now you and your feathered friend can begin working outside the cage. With the bird perched on your finger, slowly and smoothly bring him out through the cage door.

If you have a large bird, a T-stand will be a helpful training tool when working outside the cage. Practice putting the bird onto the T-stand and taking him off again.

Step 10: Practice verbal command
Practice the ‘Up, up’ command diligently until the bird knows that he should always step onto your ‘finger perch’ when you say so.

If the bird gets startled and flutters off your hand, calmly follow him to where he lands and nudge him, saying ‘Up, up.’ Usually, he’ll step right back onto your finger.

Step 11: Enlist friends and relatives
Encourage your friends and relatives to work with your bird as much as possible. The tamer a bird becomes, the happier his relationship with his human flock will be.

Did You Know?
Birds in the parrot family have two toes facing forward and two facing backward, to help them hold onto things while they’re climbing.


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    I see people don’t see the difference between tamed and abused birds.
    People taking away the only little they based their confidence is the flying capability when they feel safer to fly.
    My question is for those who agree with wing clipping or even for those who say it’s a optional.
    How do you call those people who disabling a creature to be able to force yourself to that creature?
    There are effective control measures to house birds and those people who are not capable to provide them the minimum standard, they should never consider to get a bird.
    Please be aware, they are living creatures with their own mind.

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    Also do not nudge there chest it will make them angrier and harder to tame

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    Don’t clip a birds wings unless it has to do with there health

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    only once my bird stood on my finger and that’s with millet and never stood on it again

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    My birds literally screamed when he said "Don’t take your bird out unless his wings are clipped"

    Also, it is FINE if he is not clipped. As long as the bird has many perches or platforms to land on outside, and the area is bird proofed, it should be fine.

  23. Valeria Fernández on September 1, 2020 at 12:14 am

    you guys, birds might be even more frightened when your hand is near them if they are not able to escape, meaning that clipping their wings is not always the best idea. Also, the method of pushing a perch or your finger against their lower stomach till they step up isn’t really that recommended, the bird will probably feel forced to doing what you want them to, not to mention, that kind of contact is extremely uncomfortable for your bird. For instance, (IDK about other birds) if you touch a cockatiel, they will think you are trying to mate with them, this is, unless you touch them in the head or neck, in that case they will just take it as a sign of affection (Some tiels enjoy to cuddle against one’s hand, but this isn’t always the case, and nothing ensures you that the cockatiel is thinking of you as their mate/companion, this might lead to hormonal behavior and other problems, so you really need to interpret their body language correctly). I highly recommend to just hold millet spray in your hand while offering your finger as a perch. The cockatiel will eventually step up to your finger if they trust you enough and they think it will be more comfortable to eat the millet that way.

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