How to play pet division board game: PET ME

PET ME game:


Pet wonderland is a beautiful pet park that is home to lovely kittens, adorable puppies, and cute parrots. However, it has been a long time since a loving parent has visited them.

They are all very hungry, so today is a good day for you to visit the park! Walk around the park, pet the animals, adopt them, and win as many hearts as you can.


As they play, children develop fluency in 4 division skills starting with the division as repeated subtraction.


Kids just need to know to count before playing this game. It’s that easy to start.

AGE 8+

Perfect educational game for boys and girls 8 years & up or students in level 3 and up. One of the best family games.


Beautiful pets, bright park, and a super fun gameplay. Kids will want to play this again and again

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