KANGAROO TENDONS Flat Dog treats – the best eating guide

Definitely one of the flagships of our range. We currently have two types of roo tendon, regular (round bulb) and flat bulb. For clarification, good quality kangaroo tendons have a stalk and a bulb, that can vary by a great amount. Overall the dog treat should of course look and smell attractive, to a dog.

The FLAT version is slightly more economical, and has a slightly rubberier. This can occur in the driers proprietary drying process. It means that some dogs will find the stalk a different chewing experience. The bulb being flattened is also more dense. Both types of tendon are from the same source, the kangaroo leg tendon.

There are VERY few dogs small to the largest, that don’t LOVE a Kangaroo tendon, particularly such good looking ones like ours !

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