More victims hiring attorney in VA hospital death cases

A Charleston lawyer is now representing the families of four veterans who died at the hospital as a result of homicides. He says he’s also hearing from other families who lost loved ones at the VA under mysterious circumstances.

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  1. RIGHTS FOR VETS on March 1, 2021 at 9:03 am

    In 2008 I walked in to John Dingell V.A. Hospital because I was having dull pain in my right hip and right knee. I have went through 3 Primary Care Phhsicians and 2 different V.A. Hospitals. 1.( V.A. Hospital John Dingell in Detroit Mich and the 2nd one at Ann Arbor V.A. Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan). 12 years later I can barely walk now. I have to wait now to see my primary care physician every 6 months. I can’t get Veteran choice act because I dont live 30 to 40 minutes or more to get to a Veteran Hospital. I had to pay for my own handicap scooter and scooter lift and more handicap equipment. Next year I will have to sell our home because I cant afford the up keep to maintain it. I cant afford medical because my wife found out she had cancer and i’m paying for her medical care. I have to read up and be my own doctor and tell my primary physician what needs to be done and they still can’t get it right. Trying to find a lawyer that will take my case is horrible. You actually have to die at a VA Hospital before a lawyer will help. No wonder America is in turmoil. America I protected was a waste of my time and could of been 6 foot under and for what?? To see and hear that it’s just not me, but other Vets are getting socialism medical care at other V.A. Hospitals. When our own police force gets better care then the vets do! There is no accountibility or transparency for the out dated equipment, the abuse, the lies and the mistreatment we veteran have to endure. V.A. hospital is not a hospital. Its a certified 24/7 Medical Clinic. Because private care will always beat Veteran Hospital Socialism care. The way America is heading will be a disaster. Within 50 years there will be no more America. But a one world order. Sign Daddydoe

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