PET Scan: A guide to How to Prepare for PET-CT Scan

PET scan combines two technologies, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT), to visualize internal organs.

A radioactive tracer is introduced into the body with a special dye that highlights the functioning of various body parts. The doctor can view any abnormalities on the screen through medical imaging and detect early signs of cancer or heart disorders.

How to prepare for PET-CT scan? In preparation, avoid smoking and heavy exercise for 24 hours. Also ensure that you remove any jewelry or metal items before entering the scan area. There are certain restrictions regarding who can undergo the scan. If the patient is allergic to contrast dye or at the risk of radiation, then PET scan is not performed.

Do you have further questions about what is a PET-CT scan? How long is PET-CT scan? Watch the video till the end, and we will answer these questions!

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