PET | TAO Treats: Feeding Treats for a Reason – Using Food as Medicine

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PET | TAO co-founder and TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) veterinarian, Dr. Marc Smith, explains PET | TAO’s “Healing with Treats” philosophy.

“How do you choose what kind of treat to feed your best friend? At PET | TAO pet foods that’s what we do. I’m Dr. Marc Smith co-creator of PET | TAO pet food, along with my friend and fellow veterinarian Dr. Casey Damron. We have a set of freeze-dried treats that you can feed according to a theory, the five element theory, to promote health in your pet. It’s pretty straight forward, and its pretty simple. If you want to learn more about feeding our treats and how they can benefit your pet, or if you want to learn about the benefits of Eastern Food Therapy, then download our free E-book at”

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