Playpen For Cats & Dogs – Indoor Outdoor Pop Up Tent Cage: Part 1 | Cool Gadgets For Your Pets

This is the first of our video in the series of Cool Gadgets For Your Pets. In this video, Aiman will provide a review on and talk about the playpen for cats, puppies, small dogs and other animals. For the sake of time, we’ve divided the video in 2 parts, this is Part 1. For Part 2, please click on the following link:

Here’s the link if you want to buy the Playpen from

This pop-up tent playpen is suitable for indoor and outdoor, is lightweight, portable and foldable. It can serve as a cage or kennel for pets such as for exercise or if you need to secure your pets during camping, fishing, picnic, tailgating events and other outdoor activities.

The playpen can also be used in situations where you have an indoor cats and you have guests who might be allergic to pets and you would like to isolate them temporarily from wandering around the house while you guests are there.

If you have indoor cats such as our Ragdoll Bella Morgana who loves outdoor, this playpen is a must if you cannot be outside at all times to monitor your pets. Even if you backyard is fenced completely, cats can jump over the fence.

We’re not sure what brand our playpen is but there are many brands available out there, either from local pet stores or online via Chewy, Amazon, Walmart etc.. The following are some of the brands we have come across, but we will be adding more in the future:

1. EliteField 2-Door Soft-Sided Dog & Cat Playpen –
2. Petmaker – 33 in. x 33 in. or 38 x 38 Portable Pop Up Pet Play Pen with Carrying Bag in Blue – Home Depot
3. New Large / Small Pet Dog Cat Tent Playpen Exercise Play Pen Soft Crate T08 – Walmart
4. WARE Deluxe Pop-Up Playpen – Petco
5. Pop and Play Lightweight Playpen Indoor Outdoor Safety for Baby Infants Kids Children with UV Canopy in Carrying Bag
by theBlueStone –

Most of the Playpen features include removable, washable floor mat and zipper screen cover. roll-up doors. Storage pocket, water bottle holder, and storage bag.

Made with lightweight, durable steel tubing and easy to clean polyester and hex mesh fabric
Easy to assemble requires no tools and easily sets up and folds down within seconds
Great for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can keep your pet safe at all times
Top screen cover zippers on and off
Washable , made with solid and easy to clean fabric
Large roll-up double doors
Convenient storage bag & may include carrying case
Great for home, office or travel

This sturdy soft-sided playpen is the perfect enclosure for your furry friend. Keep your pet safe and sound

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Recording Date: August 28, 2018
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  1. Sparkle on October 4, 2020 at 5:23 am

    Your cats are adorable! And I just bought a playpen too. I wish I knew what brand and size yours is. Thank you. Great video!

  2. charmeyn2 on October 4, 2020 at 5:37 am

    I was thinking of getting something like that for my cat , but I wouldn’t recommend leaving a cat unattended in it,my cat has a zippered carrier from a previous cat I had and she knows how to pull zippers to get out,wouldn’t use it for camping, for that I would probably get foldable wired cat cage, I live in a 2nd floor apartment with a balcony and my new cat, 1 yr old, is quite the jumper so she only goes out with a lead and harness because she gets easily startled, and she nearly caught a hummingbird in mid flight that flew ono my balcony

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