Playtime | Doggy Daycare

Enjoy this mix of videos of our lovely dogs playing and having fun all week long 🐶🐾

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Dog breeds featured in this video:
1st clip: Canto the Labrador and Abbe the Labrador puppy

2nd clip: Cleo the Norwegian Buhund, Tarzan Cocker Spaniel, Molly the Springer Spaniel, Aki the Goldendoodle, Bella the Labrador, Bønne the Beagle.

3rd clip: Cleo the Norwegian Buhund, Tarzan the Cocker Spaniel, Elsa the Shar Pei, Bella the Labrador, Dias the Greek Rescue dog.

4th clip: Hugo the Golden Retriever, Bønne the Beagle.

5th clip: Bønne the Beagle, Smilla the Labradoodle F1, Oda the Kromfohrländer (Oda) and Tarzan the Cocker Spaniel.

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