Puppy Playtime with the Pack

This is my favourite time of the day. Everyone unwinds in the backyard together. There is lots of one on one play and interactions.

These are the best situations for learning for the puppies, especially when they interact with the bigger doggies.

It’s always interesting watching the behaviour and relationships between the doggies.

At the moment for me, my favourite is watching Lucy with the little 6 week pups and how naturally nurturing she is. To the extent, that she has been coaching and curbing her 3 kids’ (the shepherd puppies Banjo, Matilda and Rosie) behaviour towards the puppies. To be hoe at their behaviour is way above average. Banjo allows them to walk all over him and alway gets down to their level. But Lucy is always there telling him to be more gentle.

What an awesome classroom for these 6 week old puppies and all their great caring role models.

This is my favourite part of the day for sure.

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