Rudy Gets Raided, Biden Addresses Congress & Lindell Lands at Kimmel

The Feds raided the New York City apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani, President Biden gave his first address to Congress and it was much different than Trump’s last address, we celebrated “Ed Balls Day” on Twitter, an elected official in Orange County questioned whether there is a tracking device in the vaccine, and Jimmy chats with prominent conspiracy theorist/pillow salesman Mike Lindell (James Adomian).

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  1. Fabrice Cadet on May 7, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Who is that “Lindell” guy?? I’m busting out tears laughing so hard! He needs to be a regular

  2. jmiogo on May 7, 2021 at 1:23 pm

    Jimmy really has no idea he’s the pillow guy of the left with his Russian interference stupidity.

  3. boco halal on May 7, 2021 at 1:23 pm

    This guy is brilliant and very funny 😅🤣😂 What’s his name? A carbon copy for the actual pillow guy..

    Jimmy Kimble 😅🤣😂

  4. kathryn koch on May 7, 2021 at 1:24 pm


  5. Dribble on May 7, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    Earned that "like" loved it

  6. All Things good on May 7, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    Biden has alshiemers thats why he has trouble speaking and he wont be president long because of that and because he is doing what other people are telling him to do. Fyi

  7. All Things good on May 7, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    Whats funny is that biden never answered trumps question during the election.

  8. All Things good on May 7, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    The vaccine doesnt work the same for all people it can make people really sick or make them immune to the virus but it only keeps them from getting sick most of the time and they still need to wear a mask if they go somewhere that requires it because it doesnt prevent other people from getting covid. Fyi

  9. Forgotten Jewels URBEX on May 7, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    His writers REALLY like to rip on Mike L…Shows you that somebody is afraid of what he thinks and says😉

  10. slynnc kitty on May 7, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    Love Jimmy and his ability to see through the this a-hole.

  11. Thor's Twisted Beard on May 7, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    This guy’s impersonation is so good I can hardly tell the difference!

  12. Neil White on May 7, 2021 at 1:30 pm

    Anyone not questioning our voting system is part of the problem.

  13. blmrocks b on May 7, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    Replace this host with a black guy now!! Replace all the Hollywood actors, TV hosts, TV entertainers with blacks.

  14. Joe Allen on May 7, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    This was a tour de force! Lol 😂

  15. Alysson Silva on May 7, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    @anitta queen

  16. Beth McHugh on May 7, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    Jimmy Kimmel deepstate demon puppet and bad hollywood actor…..your day will come to answer to the king of kings the Lord God Almighty

  17. Centurion K on May 7, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    Jimmy "KIMBLE". 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Tony Diaz on May 7, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    Trum gave us the covid vaccine. Biden gives china a pass for giving the world covid 19. Only a moron would try to spin that

  19. sly7856 on May 7, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    That was great, lmao

  20. Game Streams on May 7, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    what a poor country

  21. Lee Boriack on May 7, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    The Mike Lindell impersonator was brilliant as he was believable. Hope he can cash in on the wave.

  22. 110% Every Day! on May 7, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    Jimmy once again looking like an idiot

  23. Wait! WHAT? Ok! on May 7, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    @Jimmy Kimmel
    I’m still Personally waiting For Adam Schiff to produce! The more than "Circumstantial Evidence" he has on Trump colluding with the Russians!
    Could you please have him on! It’s been over 4 year’s now! I don’t understand the wait

  24. Abby Cal on May 7, 2021 at 1:37 pm

    I know they don’t really do this but, give the Mike Lindell impersonator an Oscar. Just do it. Holy crap

  25. Kimberly Stratton on May 7, 2021 at 1:37 pm

    Kimmel does everything to invalidate Lindells claims. It didnt work! A pillow guy worth 130 millon who loves the country has and will show the EVIDENCE IS ALL THERE. Google it! Twitter it! Bitshute it! Allen Dershowitz doesn’t work for money anymore, he works for principle! Dont laugh. A pillow guy will save this country. Only in America!

  26. K L on May 7, 2021 at 1:37 pm

    Interesting how there was a professional camera crew waiting for these men to enter that particular door at that particular location, who didn’t seem surprised that they were there. Then…they walked in all smooth like they were in some scene of a movie. Anybody besides me smell a rat infestation in the building?

  27. Olivia on May 7, 2021 at 1:38 pm

    I sure hope this was staged

  28. Eddie Naura on May 7, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    Jimmy is a satanic puppet i cant believe people listen to him

  29. Forgotten Jewels URBEX on May 7, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    While your praising Biden…Remember how Biden really was going to get those kids out of the cages…Yeah NOW that he has the presidency he doesn’t give AF about those kids..Notice how they don’t rip on Biden..EVEN THOUGH HE GIVES THEM TOOOONS OF MATERIAL 🙄F this bought out show.Disgusting

  30. Dude Broham on May 7, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    Of course there’s nothing more funny then political persecution. Another disgusting display from the Kimmel show.

  31. jonh1035 on May 7, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    Jimmy Kimmel is a disgrace. The only thing funny was the Mike Lindell impressionist.

  32. Kimberly Stratton on May 7, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    Jimmy can you at least not seem so obvious that you’re reading off somebody else’s jokes. And the Mike Lindell thing? That was funny as hell! Youre making Mike Lindell famous! Wait till you see his evidence!

  33. Clayton Yates on May 7, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    I hope everyone now sees Jimmy for who he really is and the evidence of the type of person and harms he’s bringing to our society is glaring after his interview with Mike where Mike destroyed him by just being human and Jimmy thinking he’s a God. Don’t watch his stuff and make that subscriber count drop to zero. Unsub and literally save the world. That’s all it takes. Power gone from massive evil

  34. Rosalba Kolkemeyer on May 7, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    Go shop with@DreyHils on telegram he is the best he had been helping me with for about three months

  35. Paul Janssen on May 7, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    This is the best call me sketch I’ve seen in a long long time it’s like the days of Johnny Carson

  36. Cygon Records on May 7, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    kimmel is sata

  37. Charles Davis on May 7, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    Mike Lindell smoked jimmy Kimmel, don’t like his views but I gotta give him credit for being a good dude, jimmy looked like an idiot here

  38. All Things good on May 7, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    Biden and trump are goofs but at least trump didnt have memory issues and we are lucky that trump wasnt a democrat with memory issues.

  39. Derek Taylor on May 7, 2021 at 2:03 pm

    Mike lindel did great. Jimmy just made My pillow go from 3 weeks backorder to 1.5 months. Thanks Jimmy. I would like to get my pillow sometime this year.

  40. UnitedSoundVideo on May 7, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    💤 😴

  41. blonde lebanese on May 7, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    Why does that pillow prick keep calling Jimmy ‘Kimbell’?

  42. Charles Rockey on May 7, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    The Feds!!!! If he has nothing against the law, why is he worried?

  43. Neil White on May 7, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    I thought Mike did a great Job. I don’t support Trump and the circus but Mike is right about our voting system. There is no proof of work so its like the opposite of crypto currency. Completely hackable by phone even..

  44. Matt Luettinger on May 7, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    It’s pronounced ‘Man-KAY-doe’ there, Mike. You’re not a true Minnesotan 😜

  45. All Things good on May 7, 2021 at 2:13 pm

    I love your show.

  46. Lefty Lucy on May 7, 2021 at 2:15 pm

    Not funny,disrespectful, tipical of hollywood,Hollywood, something else to talk about.

  47. derek sloane on May 7, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    The left is the who’s who of mental illness.

  48. mark9241 on May 7, 2021 at 2:19 pm

    A good actor, but none of this is funny

  49. TheYuxiaodi on May 7, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    Thank you Jimmy Kimnle.

  50. Ray Scribner on May 7, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    Jimmy Kimmel you are f…ing puke treating him like that! And I mean the real Mike Lindell,not the fake one.

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