Safe Pet Treats App Version 3.0

Our latest app update is now live and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to finally provide YOU, the pet owner, with a tool that helps you identify harmful ingredients! We built this app because we found out about the dangers in pet food products and the continued use of harmful ingredients. The truth is, we rely on government regulations to help control the use of harmful ingredients and for the most part they do but the problem lies in the prolonged use of these ingredients over the years. Vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, seizures, cancer, kidney and liver failure are among some of the side effects from these toxic ingredients.

Your average pet owner is not an expert in pet nutrition nor do they read each and every single ingredient found on the back of each product. We built this pet food app so that you could identify these ingredients without having to be an expert! It also saves you time, just scan and instantly know the harmful ingredients the product contains or if it has been recalled.

The Safe Pet Treats app will also let you know if the product you scan has been recalled.
It is up to the manufacturer of the pet food product to contact every single retailer to have the product removed but unfortunately, some of these products remain on the shelves of retail stores for days after the recall has been announced.

This pet food app is not only for dogs and cats, our database also includes product information for small pets such as hamsters, guiney pigs and ferrets as well as fish, birds and even reptiles!

Be sure to join the Safe Pet Treats mailing list by going to our website located at and we’ll send you app updates along with recall and pet food alerts.

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