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Hi folks. This is Dr. Dan at Stonebridge Animal Hospital. We are a full-service animal hospital. We love all of the animals that you bring in.

The most important thing when you first come in is to weigh your pet. You then fill out the chart with the front desk assistant with your information before proceeding to an exam room.

We have three exam rooms. These rooms are cleaned up after each animal, and we keep the rooms disinfected. We have information charts on the walls. Included topics are stones, ear infections, kidney diseases, oral care, and more.

If you bring in your pet for a dental or surgical procedure, an EKG is necessary for a pet that is two years old or older. This is important for initial information-gathering in the event that your pet may have a problem. We do in-house chemistry lab work and also send out samples when necessary. Stonebridge is well-stocked with the necessary vaccines.

Our surgery suite area is clean, comfortable, well-lit for performing operations, and well-equipped (including an X-ray machine, Cavitron, and an anesthesia machine). All of my assistants do almost everything with me: surgery, lab work, training, etc. We have plenty of cages that are used as post-surgical recovery areas.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

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