Toxic amounts of vitamin D spur dog food recall

(5 Dec 2018) Elm Pet Foods is the latest maker of dog food to issue a recall over elevated levels of vitamin D, which can cause kidney failure at high enough levels.
Dr. Tracey Maione, DVM, medical director of Chicago’s Oz Animal Hospital tells The Associated Press that dogs need vitamin D.
“Unfortunately. what’s happened is an excessive level of vitamin D has been found in these foods,” she said. “In dogs, excessive levels of vitamin D are an issue because of how they’re metabolized in their liver.”
Similar recalls have been issued by ANF Inc., Sunshine Mills Inc., Natural Life Pet Products, and Nutrisca over the last month.
Elm and others urge consumers to either dispose of or return several types of chicken and chickpea recipe dog food. They also urge dog owners to contact their veterinarian if the food was eaten.
Symptoms of vitamin D toxicity include vomiting, weight loss, increased urination and excessive thirst.

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