Ways To Prove You're ACTUALLY A GENIUS !

From staying up late at night to the size of your forehead, here are things that prove you’re actually a genius !

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5. Being Open Minded
You geniuses got to where they are by thinking inside the box? No. They don’t feel closed off to just one theory and are willing to accept other people’s viewpoints as a possibility. Nothing is completely wrong unless proven elsewise. Someone who is closed minded may not feel as though new information is worth learning and won’t take the time because it doesn’t support their original beliefs. If you want to be a genius, you have to accept the fact that there is a lot that you don’t know and be will to hear what others have to say. If others have put a lot of time and energy researching a certain viewpoint or theory, geniuses are ready to critique or point out flaws in what people are saying instead of putting in earplugs and running away from them. This person would constantly be curious of finding out new information and care more about the truth than their personal beliefs.

4. Curiosity Gets The Best of You
Do you ever remember asking a ton of questions when you were younger about the most random subjects. And now you’ve felt like you literally the urge to know it all and always find yourself searching google questions constantly, this would tend to meet the profile of a genius Einstein once quoted that he has no special talents and he’s actually just passionately curious which fuels his drive for knowledge. If you’re not fascinated with learning new things on a daily basis than you might not be genius. People such as Nikola tesla were always curious about creating forms of energy that could be utilised cleanly and freely. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by several different subjects, including anatomy, architecture, painting, sculpting, geology, astronomy and the list goes on. If you’re a genius, you’re normally talented in many subjects because of your will to learn.

3. If You’re Funny
It takes a little bit of brain power to be funny and having witty jokes could be a sign of higher intelligence. Stand up comedians secretly possess higher IQ at around 138 for males and 126 for females. This is only slightly below the genius scores and they’d be accepted into mensa. Comedy is also an artform and making references, including punchlines and coming up with stories that people find to be humorous is a skill that comes easier to some and those people might be low key genius. Studies have also been done at the university of vienna which show that people who have a dark sense of humor were typically better educated and showed signs of strong mental health. They also had a positive outlook on life as opposed to people who were offended by every little remark that wasn’t 100% politically correct.

2. If you Drink a Lot of Water
If you’re not naturally born a genius, there are some ways to improve your diet which can improve your brain function. According to the frontiers in Human neuroscience journal, your brain needs plenty of water in order to run properly, probably more than you’d believe. Evidence suggests that dehydration negatively affects cognitive performance. Even just a 1% body weight loss of water weight can result in slower reaction times, and performance in memory related tasks. Things such as omega fatty acids can improve your memory. Other brain functions such as alertness and concentration get worse as your mind doesn’t receive a quality water supply. Ingesting anywhere from 8 to 10 cups of water per day can seriously improve cognitive performance by as much as 30%. So consider that next time you got a big test coming up

1.Talking to Yourself
Are you talking to yourself because your brain just simply has too powerful of a voice to not be heard? You may either be completely mad, completely genius or both! There’s no need to be too worried that your not a genius with this one. Psychologists have concluded that people do who talk to themselves are usually in a better mood, have better memories and can focus better on various projects. Some people just want to hear themselves talk because it’s better than complete silence or if they come up with a genius idea, they have to find a way to put it in words. Negative self talk can have the opposite effect or if you talk to someone who’s not really there, you might need help, but it’s been shown that talking to yourself in a positive manner can not only cheer you up but help you perform an upcoming task more efficiently.


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